Be The Leader Everyone Expects You To Be

Our training sessions and seminars give you the skills and strategies needed to engage team members and lead them more effectively. We will show you how to focus on key aspects relating to the development of your employees, while using interpersonal approaches to improve engagement levels. Through these approaches, you will be using emotional and social intelligence factors to improve communication and leadership skills among all managers within your organization, while providing them with an advanced skill set they can implement right away.


Training sessions & Seminars

Leading Through Influence


 Learn the strategies and skills necessary for engaging employees on any level of the organization to improve interpersonal relationships between leaders and their employees.

The Challenge of Unconscious Bias


 Learn how to define unconscious bias and examine why people sometimes maintain their beliefs in the face of information that contradicts or challenges their understanding or assumptions.

The Art of Empathy


Examine empathy mapping to help find the right balance of cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy to develop stronger bonds in the workplace, while providing the appropriate level of support needed to team members.

Building a Culture of Accountability


Learn how to create a culture of change through impactful team-building exercises in this DISC assessment course, with key emphasis on: Building a cohesive team faster while saving time and money; Laying a foundation to enhance your team’s strengths; Fostering effective communication and teamwork; and Offering team building workshops to other departments.

Influencing Without Authority


 There are challenges for those who are unable to manage through a position of leadership. Influencing without authority requires expertise, resources, fostering relationships, and the right attitude. Explore various methods for developing the skills necessary to influence change in a working environment, while also influencing personal performance.  

Creating Sustainable Culture Change


  Examine various methodologies and approaches for creating sustainable culture change, while discussing some of the barriers which often impede our progress along the way. We will also look at how biases and morale either affect or infect the culture of an organization, and how we can use influential leadership practices to achieve buy-in from everyone involved.