About Us


The focus of organizational transformation involves a commitment to lifelong learning. Methodologies need to be implemented for practical application in the workplace and to create change at an organizational level, but how do we create measurable change at the personal and team level as well? Our experts will show you how to take actionable steps to increase confidence and competence among your team through organized and interactive training sessions, while developing proficiency and performance at an organizational level.

Three Sixty Integration’s purpose is to build engaged teams that are led by passionate, socially intelligent, and empathetic leaders through an integration of relationship cultivation and behavioral science. We use well-established processes to focus on the people aspect of what it takes to be influencers and motivators, and harness those results to bring positive change to an organization and its culture. We believe in encouraging and appreciating the individuals who make up the core of your business, and using their strengths to increase your bottom line.

Your success matters to us, and we look forward to helping you meet all your business goals. 

Who We Are


Chris DiBella, CEO, Chief Consultant

Chris is a passionate Project Manager and a driving force of process improvement looking to create organizational change from an influential and behavioral perspective. He is a Certified Scrum Master and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with expertise in business management, with key emphasis on project management, agile processes, scrum methodology, business analysis, change management, and vendor management. He has an MBA in Project Management and is pursuing his PhD in Organizational Leadership. He believes in teaching companies the value of influential leadership practices, while assessing their efficiencies using project management methodologies to help streamline processes and maximize their potential.


Heather DiBella, Advisor

Heather is a Senior Program Manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner with expertise in Engineering, Information Technology, and Business Management in both the public and private sector. Her focus has a key emphasis on program and project management, agile processes, scrum methodology, business analysis, roadmap development and management, product management, design and development, testing frameworks, change management, release management and vendor management. She has her PMP certification, an MBA in Technical Management, and is pursuing her PhD in Project Management. She is also a member of the Board of Advisors for the Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management helping to shape the future of behavioral project management.